Our Menus

Holiday farm Agave is well known for its splendid kitchen concentrating mainly on home made food. The owner of the facility who is also the cook who makes her dishes even more enjoyable by  using mostly the products from her own farm. Even simple fried potatoes are thus a delicacy.

Agave offers three menu choices



Turistic Menu

This menu comprises of home made dishes, cooked for our guests to enjoy a different taste each day. The menu includes :

    • a starter dish
    • a main dish
    • two side dishes
    • water
    • wine
    • coffee

    This type of meal is served, as tradition dictates farmhouse Sarda, in patriarchal tables with all the guests staying. su



    Il Menù Light

    This menu includes a dish prepared mainly with our products, such as: type seasoned focaccia rustica pizza (also called Agripizza), or fill of pasta or cooked meals.

    Or just for schoolchildren, 1primo of pasta (esemp. gnochetti sauce) and 1 second of meat (even breaded pork steaks) and a side dish (fried potatoes or fresh salad).

    In the menu also includes bread, water, coffee and fruit depending on the time and production.



    Menu for the Organized Tours

    This type of menu is a simplification of the typical Sardinian menu, prepared especially for those who are on a trip where you can taste our typical dishes:

    • appetisers mixed of land
    • 2 starters dish(Primi) between gnocchi, ravioli, and pillizzas Rustichelli
    • 1 a main dish between wild boar and roasted piglet flavored with myrtle,
    • 2 side dishes of seasonal vegetables, such as baked potatoes and vinaigrette. water, wine and coffee dessertsu


    Typical Sardinian menu

    Traditional dishes of our island, accompanied by various appetisers, vegetables in oil, ham, sausages, sheep’s milk cheese, grilled vegetables and of course, malloredos or colungiones as first course and oven cooked pork as the main course. All served with a good Cannonau wine from the Santa Maria la Palma vineyards and finally with a digestive Mirto, also produced in the farm


    menù Tipico Sardo